Create Confluence Pages/Posts with Jira Automation

Jira Automation is an Atlassian plugin to automate repetitive tasks. It is very widely used and simplifies common tasks drastically. For example, you can have issues with a priority greater than Medium sent to you at the end of every week or auto-assign certain tickets to a special team. Although it brings a lot of functionality, there is no native way to automatically write content to Confluence. For example, if you want to generate meeting … Read More

How to create Pages and Blog Posts from Emails in Confluence Cloud & Server

While Atlassian’s Jira supports creating content via email out of the box, Confluence does not. However there are plugins available that allow you to generate pages and blog posts in Confluence Cloud & Server from emails. This blog article aims to give you an overview of the available add-ons and Atlassian’s own efforts to tackle this issue. Disclaimer: We are the developers of – Send Emails to Confluence Build in Support Two official tickets … Read More