Cloud - Replies

You can reply to emails with by using the replies feature. If the feature is activated comments left on pages/blog posts generated by are automatically converted to email replies to the original sender. When the receiver then answers to that email a comment is generated on the page/blog post. That way full bidirectional communication through Confluence and email is possible.

For example this feature can be used to implement a simple email help desk inside Confluence, without your customers actually visiting the confluence page. Your customers will do all their communication by email while your employees can do everything inside Confluence.

You can enable the replies feature on the configuration page (see Getting Started) in the Replies tab.


Activate the Replies feature

In order to activate the replies feature you need to enable the "Reply by comment" feature in the replies tab on the configuration page.

1. Check the enable reply by comment checkbox.
2. Remember to save the settings by clicking on one of two Save Settings buttons.


In the following image you can see an example of a reply comment and the corresponding automatically generated email


As you can see, the comment triggered a reply email to the original email that created the page/blog post. The email user is now able to reply to the email again and will automatically generate a corresponding comment in Confluence.


Add a BBC-Adress

In the replies tab you also have the option to enter a BBC (Blind Carbon Copy) email address. As a result you will receive a copy of every email sent by The original recipients will not see that a copy was sent to your address since it doesn't appear in the message headers. This is useful to ensure everything is working properly and replies are actually sent to your clients. Don't forget to save your settings by clicking on one of the two Save Settings Buttons.



With the help of the Replies feature converts comments on sites/blog posts into email replies and reply emails into comments. This can be useful if you want to communicate with someone who doesn't use Confluence but you still want the communication to be displayed and accesable in Confluence.

Try it out and if errors occur or something does not work as expected don't hesitate to contact us at our Help Desk or via email at We are always looking for feedback from our customers.