Cloud - Installation

This add-on is available on the Atlassian Marketplace and can be installed as usual through the universal plugin manager. If you already installed the plugin, you can skip the rest of this article. If not, just follow the steps below or take a look at Atlassians official how to on installing add-ons.

To install the add-on you will need administrative rights. If you are not a Confluence admin, please contact one of your Confluence admins and send her/him this guide.

Step 1 - Go to the Universal Plugin Manager

The Universal Plugin Manager (UPM) allows you to manage Add-ons and extensions. To open it you need to go to one of your Atlassian Applications (Confluence, Jira, ...), in this case preferable Confluence. Now click Apps in the navigation panel at the top of the page and then Find new apps in the dropdown menu. This will lead you direct to the UPM start page.


Step 2 - Locate and install the Add-on

The UPM start page has a search bar. Go there and type - Send Emails to Confluence. This should show you one result with exact the same title. Clicking on the result will lead you to the marketplace site of the Add-on.


If you can't find the Add-on double-check your search query and make sure you've opened the UPM from Confluence and you haven't accidentally opened the UPM for Jira or an other Atlassian App.

If you found the app and opened its marketplace site click on the yellow Try it free button. This will open another dialog where you can start a free trial month by clicking Start free trial.


That's it. Well done! You've successfully installed the add-on. Before you can use it you still need to configure it. This we'll cover in the Getting Started section.

Common Problems

You may face the following issues while trying to install – Send Emails to Confluence:

  1. You can't see/click on Find new apps – You are probably not logged in with a Confluence admin user. You will need administrative rights to install add-ons.
  2. You can't find the add-on in the plugin manager - Usually this means that you have accidentally opened the plugin manager for Jira or some other Atlassian app instead of Confluence.
  3. Atlassian Server Hiccup - Sometimes the installation process displays a message where it refers to a hiccup. Usually this can be solved by retrying to install the add-on at a later time (like an hour later).

If you're facing problems with the installation that you cannot resolve on your own, please open a support ticket. You can do this through our Help Desk or by sending an email to