How to add attachments to Pages in Confluence via Email

If you made it to this website you’re probably aware of our add-on – Email for Confluence that allows you to create pages and blog posts from emails in Confluence Cloud, Server and Data Center. It is available on the Atlassian Marketplace. What you might n0t know, is that you can now also append incoming emails to existing pages instead of creating new pages. In combination with the templates settings you can configure to only add attachments to an existing page. Which is a feature some of our customers have asked for. For this tutorial let’s assume that … Read More

How to use Microsoft Power Automate with Confluence

Power Automate is a service from Microsoft that allows you to fully automate regular work steps by creating automated workflows between applications and services. Microsoft already offers a variety of connectors, but unfortunately Confluence is not yet included. Nevertheless, there are ways you can include Confluence in your workflows with Power Automate. One of them is with our add-on – Email for Confluence. Disclaimer: We are the developers of – Email for Confluence which is part of the solution below. offers you the possibility to send emails to your Confluence instance. Microsoft Power Automate is able to include … Read More

Import QuickBooks Reports into Confluence

QuickBooks is a popular bookkeeping application developed by Intuit. It is primarily used by little and medium-sized organizations and is available as an on-premise and as a cloud-based version. It can be used to invoice clients, paying bills, producing reports and planning charges. QuickBooks can create monthly and weekly reports. But not everybody in your organization might have access to QuickBooks. If you use Confluence as a wiki, you might want to publish reports there. We can do that with the help of a Confluence Add-On that allows creating Confluence pages from emails. This tutorial will show you how … Read More

Creating a Daily News Feed in Confluence using Inoreader (RSS & Google News)

Sometimes you want to stay up-to-date on certain topics, but you don’t want to waste time every day manually searching for the latest information. Instead you want to be notified when new content is available. In this case you might want to subscribe to a RSS feed. A RSS feed is a chronological list of articles, videos or audio tracks such as news or podcasts. A well set up RSS reader will save you a lot of time by informing you when new content, that is relevant to you, is available. A few common RSS readers are: Feedly, NewsBlur and … Read More