How to perform a mass import of emails from Outlook/Thunderbird into Confluence Cloud

Our add-on allows you to Email for Confluence Cloud. If you have just started using the plugin and want to import a lot of existing emails into Confluence, this guide is for you. allows you to register your own email address ending in Emails you send to this address will get automatically posted as pages or blog posts in Confluence. You may think that you need to forward each email individually to your address. This would be a real nightmare if you have a large number of emails to import. In this case, we have good … Read More

How to transfer OneNote files to Confluence

Microsoft OneNote is a versatile software whose primary feature is creating digital notebooks. Features like automatic cloud synchronization, the ability to take notes on the spot or collaborative work makes OneNote a popular program for many users. However, since not everyone uses Microsoft OneNote, it is often necessary to convert files to another file format and upload them to another platform, such as Confluence. There are multiple possibilities to transfer pages from OneNote to your Confluence instance (Cloud, Server or Data Center). For example, you could first export the OneNote files to Word and then import them back into Confluence. … Read More

Implement a simple email help desk inside Confluence

Submitting help requests via email is great for customers. It’s easy, everybody knows how to use email and nobody wants to sign up for some extra system just to ask a quick question. However, for your team delivering support managing a mailbox full of support requests can get quickly messy. A ticketing/help desk system that allows tagging requests, track state and search through existing issues to find a solution probably works best. Luckily you can have both, a modern Service Desk software coming with all these options and allowing customers to submit issues via email. Atlassian has its own service … Read More

Create Confluence Pages/Posts with Jira Automation

Jira Automation is an Atlassian plugin to automate repetitive tasks. It is very widely used and drastically simplifies common tasks. For example, you can have issues with a priority greater than Medium sent to you at the end of every week or auto-assign certain tickets to a special team. Jira Automation currently has no Confluence connector and Atlassian has stated that they currently are not planning to add a Confluence integration (see the links at the end). Solution Disclaimer: We are the developers of – Email for Confluence which is part of the solution below. If you, however, don’t want … Read More

How to create Pages and Blog Posts from Emails in Confluence Cloud & Server

While Atlassian’s Jira supports creating content via email out of the box, Confluence does not. However there are plugins available that allow you to generate pages and blog posts in Confluence Cloud & Server from emails. This blog article aims to give you an overview of the available add-ons and Atlassian’s own efforts to tackle this issue. Disclaimer: We are the developers of – Email for Confluence Build in Support Two official tickets track the progress of Atlassian’s own efforts to add support for emails, one for Confluence Cloud and one for Confluence Server. They are both from 2004. … Read More